What to look for when shopping for an above ground swimming pool

Shopping for an above ground swimming pool can be trying and confusing. Every brand has its own ideas on what makes a quality pool, and what makes it durable. In our 40 years of being in the industry, we have developed our own set of guidelines that we follow when deciding on what to sell in our store. We look at the strength of the pool, longevity (how long it is expected to last), overall maintenance of the product, and the safety of the product. Cost is always important as well.

However, as the old adage states, “you get what you pay for.” This remains to hold true with above ground pools. Our manufacture Doughboy uses the saying, “built to last” as a statement that has rung true for 70 years in the industry. Their quality offers a customer “peace of mind” when purchasing a pool for their family. With that being said, we have a proven track record of years and years of pools that have withstood all of our demands in selling a product: lasting the test of time, requiring low maintenance with a high level of enjoyment, and affordability.

What to look for in determining a quality above ground swimming pool:

-The thickness and weight of the wall.

-The wall coatings.

-The corrugation of the wall; allowing for flexibility and strength.

-The size of the top cap, top rail and vertical, making sure each support each other.

-Bottom rails that are made of premium gauge steel with coating to insure longevity.

-A 100% virgin-vinyl liner with NO reprocessed material used.

-A proven history of years of performance.

-A history of parts availability for long term use.