At All America Pool, we specialize in pool services for above ground pool systems as well as in-ground pool systems. One of our most popular services offered is liner replacement for both pool types. Inground liner replacements are something that we specialize in and have over 35 years of proven experience. Each liner replacement job is unique. All jobs are not the same and each one requires the liner to be custom-made for proper fit. The liner replacement process starts with an in-home estimate then a viewing of the pool. Our team measures the liner then the homeowner picks out a pattern and we place the order. Usually, the liner replacement process takes 2-4 weeks begining to end.

Line Replacement Services Offered

Above Ground Pool Liner Replacement

Once an above ground liner replacement is purchased from our store in Louisville, KY, we can arrange for installation.

The average price of an above ground liner replacement ranges from $250 - $1,200 depending on pool size and depth.

In-Ground Pool Liner Replacement

Our staff at All America Pool are pool liner replacement specialists. We custom measure all liners to ensure a custom fit for your in-ground pool.

The average price of an in-ground pool liner replacement varies from $2,800 - $7,000 depending on pool size and depth.