How to Close An Above-Ground Pool

At All America Pool, we highly recommend you winterize your pool to protect your investment against Mother Nature. Above-ground pools are especially vulnerable to the elements and without proper winterization could need damage repair in the Spring. Here are some very simple steps to follow for winterization of your pool.

Steps to Winterization

  1. The first thing you will want to do to winterize your pool is lower the water level below the return and skimmer.
  2. Plug the return with a winterization plug and then use a Gizzmo Plus to protect your skimmer.
  3. Add the Winter Chemical Kit to the pool water.
  4. Inflate an air pillow and use it in the center of the pool to keep the winterization cover off the top of the water. This allows water that is collected from rain and snow to collect around the outer perimeter.
  5. Place your winter cover over the pool and secure it. You want to pull it tightly while leaving slack on the pool surface so it is not too tight. Stretching a cover too tight could potentially cause it to rip.
  6. Disconnect your filter system hoses and winterize the pump, filter, heater, and chlorinator if they are installed. You winterize these items by taking out the drain plugs which prevents water from getting trapped.
  7. Leave your filter system out for a couple of days before storing it to allow time for it to drain and dry out.
  8. The final step to winterization of an above-ground pool is storing all equipment indoors to protect them from winter weather damage.

We recommend keeping your pool cover clear of leaf and debris throughout the winter. This preventative action will make taking the cover off in the spring an easier job. You can maintain 1-2″ of water on the cover if you’d like. This gives it some weight, so the cover stays secure during high-wind or winter storms.

Winterization can be done by pool owners alone; however, at All America Pool, we offer winterization services for those who want professional assistance. Feel free to contact us with any remaining questions on how to winterize your above-ground pool.